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Every girl deserves to feel confident with her period!

The Period Blog believes that every girl deserves to feel confident with her period. That's why we created a special toolkit to help all girls prepare for their first period.

With The Little Red Kit, we can raise a new generation of girls that are knowledgable about their menstrual hygiene and make smart and healthy choices for their bodies.

-Dedy Wong
Founder of The Period Blog


Your trusted guide to periods since 2011!

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The Period Blog was created by founder Dedy Wong after finding a lack of online menstrual hygiene resources for young girls.

At The Period Blog, girls can learn about their bodies and discover menstrual hygiene tips and tricks - you know all the things girls wish they knew like what do I do if I don't have a pad? 

While most people don’t speak openly about menstrual hygiene, The Period Blog strongly believes that knowledge and education should not be hindered by such taboos.

Our Mission: Providing the best menstrual hygiene resources

Our mission is to provide the best menstrual hygiene resources by creating easy to understand menstrual health information and by providing informative menstrual hygiene product reviews. 

Since launching in 2011, The Period Blog has grown to become a popular website for girls to ask questions about their menstrual hygiene, discover new menstrual hygiene products, and even learn about what pads and tampon shelves look like around the world. 

We know that when girls become more knowledgable about their bodies, they make smarter decisions about their health too. That's why we strongly support and encourage girls to ask questions and support one another as we learn about our bodies. 

The Period Blog has been featured on the Always Facebook page and interviewed by U By Kotex.


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