A fun period kit to inspire confidence in young girls

The Little Red Kit

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What's In The Little Red Kit?

Period information created specially for young girls and essential period supplies. Easy To Understand, Age Appropriate & Fun!

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For Parents, Guardians and Educators: Help girls discover & Learn!


A Smarter First Period

We know that when girls are knowledgable about their periods, they feel more confident and prepared.

Give her the best menstrual health resources to help her prepare for her first period.


My First Period Book

Easy to understand and age appropriate information makes this book a must-have for all girls.

Suitable for ages 8+.


Prepared & Ready!

Follow our step-by-step how to guides created especially for young girls. Learn how to care for your body and take the fear out of getting a period.

We make periods easy.


Empowerment Starts with Knowledge

We deliver the answers to important period questions like "What do I do if I don't have a pad?" and "How do I tell my parents I got my period?"

Together, we can empower girls to make smart decisions about their health and body.


Inspire Confidence

Discover the best tips and tricks to deal with her period at home and at school with Luna's Smart Period Tips.

We're dedicated to helping girls feel confident and prepared for every period.


Ruby's Brainy Period Facts

Ruby's done her research and she's excited to share all the facts with you. 

Learn interesting period facts like how much do girls bleed, what colour is a period? and more.

Your trusted guide to periods since 2011


Girls Love The Period Blog!

I just found this blog today and have been reading nonstop! Thanks for all of the great advice, and pictures! It’s rare to find a website that informs us about almost everything about our periods and has pictures! :-)

Cassie, Missouri

Thank you so much for the fast replies! I used a tampon for the first time, and omg what a life-changer!  Your website instructions were very useful. Thanks so much! This is a great site :D

Simi, Barrie ONT

I am so glad I found your website. I have already learned so much from your explanations on things from periods to knowing the appropriate names for my lady parts.

Allison, Mountain View CA

Why we made The Little Red Kit

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Let's Raise A New Generation of Girls!

The Period Blog believes that every girl should feel confident with her period. That's why we created a special toolkit to help all girls prepare for their first period. With The Little Red Kit, we can raise a new generation of girls that make smart and knowledgeable choices for their menstrual health.

Your friend,
-Dedy Wong
Founder of The Period Blog

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